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What fathers say will often determine their child’s way!

In Fathers Say... authors Joe Pellegrino and Joe Battaglia tell the memorable words of the fathers of well-known celebrities. Through these stories you will learn:

  • The marks of being a good dad.
  • What happens to a society that lacks fathers or strong male leadership.
  • The essence of forgiveness—towards yourself, others, and especially the absent or abusive father.
  • Fresh insights and daily principles from Scripture that help dads become the fathers their children need
  • Insights from fathering experts

A father’s words impact the lives of his family and others he influences. What fathers say matters and will shape the lives of those who hear his words.


  • Jeff Kemp
    "Nothing imprints the heart with confidence or pain as much as a dad. Fathers Say is a superb collection of stories that will imprint your heart with the healing and love of a perfect Father."
    Jeff Kemp
    Former NFL quarterback, author of Facing the Blitz, and vice president at FamilyLife
  •  Kevin McCullough
    "What fathers say matters! Matters big time! And the Fathers Say book contains some of the best things I’ve ever heard said. Every father should read this book. Big time!"
    Kevin McCullough
    Author, national radio host of The Kevin McCullough Show
  • Actor in L.A. Law, Major League and Psych
    "I’ve known Joe Battaglia for all of my journey to faith. He’s been a mentor, a friend, and a brother in my exploration and coming to know Christ more personally than ever before. He’s honest, compassionate, and forgiving—all which is evidenced in the pages here and stories he found to share with us."
    Actor in L.A. Law, Major League and Psych
    Corbin Bernsen
  •  Kathie Lee Gifford
    "I believe my friend, Joe Battaglia, is right when he says, “Men who have abdicated their roles as fathers are the single great-est problem in society today.” In his new book Fathers Say, Joe shares profound insight into what our heavenly Father expects from our earthly ones. God bless him for writing such an important and inspiring work."
    Kathie Lee Gifford
    Co-host, the fourth hour of Today
  • Delilah
    "When you read Fathers Say and muse over the many varied roles and relationships that we share with our fathers, your heart can’t help but be enlarged and encouraged to grasp the beauty, wis-dom, and love that our heavenly Father desires to pour into each of us."
    National radio host
  • Dr. Michelle Watson
    "Tucked into every page of this impactful book are life lessons told by adult children who share powerful and practical truths their fathers taught them. Not only is each story captivating and heart-warming, but Fathers Say is a treasure trove of rich wisdom that any dad can take to heart and implement to be a better father. Joe and Joe have once again hit a home run with this incredible fathering resource."
    Dr. Michelle Watson
    Author of Dad, Here’s What I Really Need from You: A Guide for Connecting with Your Daughter’s Heart and radio host of The Dad Whisperer
  • Shari Rigby
    "Drinking my hot cup of coffee, I began to read Fathers Say and was instantly inspired by such a delightful collection of stories. Joe Battaglia and Joe Pellegrino add personal stories to each piece, closing each one with a powerful message of truth re-vealed through Scripture."
    Shari Rigby
    Actress in October Baby, writer of Beautifully Flawed, and director of the Dream Center show
  • Mitch Temple
    "In my role as the executive director and cofounder of the Fatherhood CoMission, I am keenly aware of the frontline battle for the lives and souls of our children. It’s not easy being a parent with all the negative forces assaulting our kids today. As such, we firmly believe that fathers are the key to winning the hearts of children and forging their character. In Fathers Say, my friends, Joe Battaglia and Joe Pellegrino, show us through their poignant stories and sound biblical advice how important a father’s words are to providing inspiration, hope, and godly wisdom to a child. Pick up this book and read it!"
    Mitch Temple
    Executive director and cofounder, The Fatherhood CoMission
  • Rita Cosby
    "Fathers have a vital but often unappreciated role, and yet a true obligation to speak into the minds and hearts of their children, which our current culture often downplays. In Fathers Say, Joe Battaglia and Joe Pellegrino have brilliantly woven together keen biblical insights and wise nuggets of life-changing advice from a variety of fathers who have inspired their now well-known daughters and sons on their roads to success. We can learn much from these men through their collection of profound stories and the tremendous power of a father’s words."
    Rita Cosby
    Emmy-winning TV host and best-selling author
  • Kevin Sorbo
    "I well remember the impact of my father’s encouraging words and how they have continued to resonate in my heart through the years. In Fathers Say, authors Joe Battaglia and Joe Pellegrino illustrate the impact of what fathers have said in the lives of suc-cessful men and women. Our culture needs a reminder of the importance of fatherhood, and this book ably demonstrates the simple and profound impact of what fathers have said to inspire their children."
    Kevin Sorbo
    Actor in Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Andromeda, Soul Surfer, and God’s Not Dead
  • Jim Daly
    "In this readable anthology, Joe Pellegrino and Joe Battaglia have assembled a wealth of moving stories from men and women who testify to the power of a father’s influence. Dads everywhere will be encouraged, inspired, and challenged by the stories collected here."
    Jim Daly
    President of Focus on the Family

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About the Authors

Joe Pellegrino is a speaker, author, and founder and president of Legacy Minded Men and Not Just an Average Joe, a unique marketing company. Joe and his wife, Bethanne, have three children and reside in northern New Jersey.


Joe Battaglia is the founder and president of Renaissance Communications, a media company, and co-executive producer of Keep The Faith, the #1 nationally syndicated faith-based radio program. Joe lives in New Jersey with his wife, LuAnn, and has one daughter.